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"From Our Manor to Yours"

Computers! We all know that they've become very important to our modern lifestyles. They're in our homes, our offices, our cars, our phones, our cameras and even our newest refrigerators. But the one that sits on the desk in front of us at this moment seems, at times, both a blessing and a curse. While we know this thing has many capabilities, we aren't always sure how to get it to do what we want or even if it can.

Sometimes we find a new trick that it does, but the next time we try to do that same trick, we don't remember where to start. Other times we have no idea how to get it to do the simplest things. And of course, there are those times when it simply won't work.

You may be a little embarrassed that you don't know more about computers than you do. Don't be. You didn't sit down to a computer for the first time when you were in first grade, like the kid next door did. You've wanted to learn more about computers, but you were busy earning a living or raising a family, or both!

Frustrating. And here you are a full-grown adult.

Wish you could find a patient soul to help?

Well, help is at hand.

GlenManor can assist you in turning this computer --yes, this one right here-- into a productive device. Your servant. Not an uncooperative roommate.

We can provide two things to help you.

Training - We can teach you, one-on-one, at your own speed, how to get more out of this computer.

Repairs and Upgrades - We can make sure that this fancy box of parts is in working order and stays that way.

We're in the greater Toronto area (yes, the one in Canada) and if you're located near by, we can come to you and provide you with top-notch assistance. Check out our list of services and see if we have something that meets your needs.

If you're don't live around here, we may still be able to help you. With the miracle of Remote Assistance you can show us your computer screen via the Internet and, in many cases, we can show you how to resolve your own difficulty.

Contact us. We can decide together whether it's more practical to come to your location or to work together remotely.

From our manor to yours. It's that easy.

We provide three kinds of services. On-site (in your manor). Off-site (back at Glen Manor). And Remote assistance.

In-Home Services - For services and training, best performed in your own home, we'll come to you and help you out with training or simple software changes that don't require a more technical environment.

Off-Site Services - For services and repairs with a higher level of complexity, or that require tools and equpiment you don't have at home, we'll still come to you, but we'll take your computer to GlenManor, do what's needed, and bring your baby back to you.

Coming Soon Remote Assistance - For those times when you're working on your computer and you need assistance immediately, We'll talk things through with you. If necessary, we can link one of our computers to yours, so that you can actually show us the problem online. In most cases, we can show you remotely how to get past the immediate challenge, yourself. (Doesn't that sound good?)

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