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Quite simply, Remote Assistance is about as slick as it gets.

Remote Assistance enables you to get assistance from GlenManor without having anyone coming to your home to touch your computer. It works by giving GlenManor permission to view your computer across the Internet. We see exactly what you see. You can even give us permission to take control and run programs, change settings and install software, all while you watch. You maintain the ability during the session to halt the process at any time.

It's for those times when you just want to ask a question about how best to accomplish some task or you're facing a problem, but you suspect that you could solve the problem yourself if you just had someone to look over your shoulder and advise you.

(Perhaps we should point out that we're only talking about computer problems here. Please don't call us for advice about training your pet, buying a cheap washing machine, or dating!)

Remote Assistance is also useful for testing, analysis and services that do not require rebooting the machine, though it is possible to surmount even that limitation.

Charges for remote assistance:
   - $50/half hour ($1.67/minute)    - $80/hour ($1.33/minute)
         - $110 for 90 minutes ($1.22/minute)    - $130 for 2 hours ($1.08/minute)

The following services are available from GlenManor as Remote Assistance - assistance that enables you to avoid calling your brother-in-law or your next-door-neighbor's grandson with a "silly" question.

Some examples:

We will keep track of the time spent on each phone call and report to you at the end of each call, with a confirmation by email, of the number of minutes used during that call and the number of remaining minutes. (Unused time will expire after one year.)

For all Remote Assistance services, it is highly advised that you have a high speed Internet connection.

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